Janelle James Comedy

CONTACT ME: janelle.james@gmail.com


April 1-The Stand- 9pm-NYC

April 5-Comedy Outliers-Webster Hall- NYC 7pm

April 10- Fresh Out!- UCB East- 8:30pm-NYC

April 12- Showcasey Jones-8pm-NYC

April 12- Uncorked Comedy at City Winery-11:30pm-NYC

April 17 -Tickle Fight Presents:Homeroom-Solas - 8pm NYC

April 17-Hope Garage 10pm -NYC

April 24-Lasers in the Jungle-7pm-NYC

April 24-ISA -9pm -NYC

April 24-Straight up Comedy-Soda Bar-9pm-NYC

April 25-Gotham Comedy Club-9pm-NYC

April 25-Laughing Devil Comedy Club-8:15 and 10:15-NYC

 The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival- BOSTON


 May 2nd 

 May 3rd

May 13-Cheap Date-NYC

May 22- Parlour Car -CHICAGO

May 23rd -The Lincoln Lodge- 8pm -CHICAGO

May 24th-Two Hour Comedy- Gallery Caberet-7pm-CHICAGO

May 26th-The Double Door- 7pm-CHICAGO

May 27th - Comedy Secrets-Hungry Brain- 9pm- CHICAGO

May 27th-Chicago Underground Comedy-9:30pm -CHICAGO

May 28th-Subterranean-8pm- CHICAGO

May 28th-CYSK-9pm-CHICAGO

May 29th-31st- LIMESTONE COMEDY FESTIVAL- Bloomington, IN

June 19-Kabin-9pm-NYC